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freespeachTV this way
All Mixed Up

A well written thoughtful and useful site covering almost everything under the sun you or your friends, family, lovers, partners and others could ever need to know.
Just found this site by accident its a real gem.





My music site with downloads of my music & compositions

The band I currently play keyboards & violin with.
Also includes video of the band playing live.

Makeup tips, advice, help
Excellent grooming tips


Rose's forum, meet lots of girls,
get loads off advice, post pictures.







Transgendered online shop

New site going live very soon, Um about
South Coast Crossdressing ?.

The universe and everything, old teckie stuff, Phylosophy
life styles, links to almost any where, and zyra of course
well worth a look....

Ruby Diamond - Drag Comedy Singer

Yorkshire's unique entertainer can give a complete evening's entertainment, which appeals to all. Ruby believes that, as in pantomime, the art of drag need not be crude to be funny! However, 'she' can be rude and outrageous, so be prepared to join in with the fun!
Ruby sings ('LIVE') parodies of well-known songs by artistes such as Abba, David Bowie, Roy Orbison, Cher, Shirley Bassey, Westlife, The Carpenters, The Beach Boys, etc. A good laugh is guaranteed!

Here's what the Press have said about 'her':

"If there were any doubts about the focus of her act, the first number, Gender Bender, soon dispelled them. She was embraced by the crowd who fell about in fits of laughter when she sang her final song Scunthorpe Girl to the tune of Billy Joel's Uptown Girl."

Simon Bristow, Hull Daily Mail

Mollys Wild Web Pages

Mollie, a new girl just starting to come out.

Katie, just starting out, nice site, go and say hello
Beaumont Society

In the begining there was ..
One of the oldest support groups around and perhaps the best known.


Clubs we like, yes indeedy. Open till 4.00 in the morning. Dance, Eat, and be Mary ("if you like"). Run by Vicky Lee of Tranny guide fame..Fun place, Caberat, very lively
Need some glitz, give this a try." Simply The Best Contemporary Rhinestone Jewelry Collection On The Web!"make up your own mind
Dressed and messed Joanna's web site.Lots of pictures, she gets everywhere, Wayout, Stormes, Transliving
Northern Concord The Northern Concord is a social and self help group for Cross-dressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals and their wives or partners
www.andrea-uktv.com "Welcome to Andrea's Wonderful World of TV's and TS's, the website filled to the edges with pictures taken on my nights out as Hostess of Stormes Transgender Nightclub"
Lots of pictures if you have been to Ron Stormes,you may
well be on this site

Millions of links to almost every TV/TG/CD/TS site in the
known universe.

ladylike.org.uk Advice@ Ladylike.org.uk for Women with Crossdressing Partners
TransLiving International is a voluntary self-help network dedicated to serving the needs of Crossdressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals, their families, partners and friends. It hosts the UKs biggest TV/TS group party each month, runs friendly Help Line support, and publishes a wealth of useful information especially for TVs, TS's and those dear to them.
MakeUpAdvice Welcome to MAKE UP ADVICE My name is Barbie and I specialise in helping transgendered people express themselves and find freedom through make up and dressing. I live in Folkestone, Kent.If you want advice, or to visit, leave a message with your e-mail address.
translife.net "Welcome to the website dedicated to educating everyone about transgender. Most of the world has little to no knowledge of transgender, and sadly, that even includes many in the community itself. One lovely summer day I was trying to think of a solution to that problem. I came up with one that would have worked really well: Massive brainwashing. However, one could see the ethical problems with that solution. So I settled with the idea of this website. Hopefully, this site will have a positive impact on the world's stereotypical thinking."
www.tatt4trannies.co.uk Possibly the funiest site in the world.

http://www.graephillips.biz/ Really good show bizy tips on everything from a very good performer and singer... Like wow !!!
http://members.aol.com/bernardgi/ GIRES was founded in October 1997 by ten activists then working for Press for Change. It obtained registration with the Charity Commission in February 1998. The founding members and the Charity Commission agreed that: The charity's objectives are to advance education into gender identity and intersex issues and in particular: To initiate, promote and support reasearch particularly to address the needs of those in whom there is a strong and ongoing desire to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite sex from that assigned at birth. To publish the outcome of such research and other relevant information in order to inform interested parties and the general public; To enable the public to achieve a wider understanding of these issues and thereby provide equal treatment with society of those whom they affect.
http://www.geocities.com/alice555uk/ Colchester Dressing Service. In Association with Niki Tayler Photographic Studios This service is run from a private house and total discretion is assured. Come and relax and enjoy a makeover into the 'girl' you want to be. Make up Lessons. - Simple step by step guide for an easy effective day look and a more glamerous night look. Free advise offered on everything from how to build a useable wardrobe for all occasions, to the best places to shop for clothes, cosmetics, shoes, places to go, local groups, TV friendly venues etc.. A selection of wigs is available to try on or bring along a selection of your own. Sale items. I also offer a selection of make up, lingerie and jewellery for sale through the Avon Cosmetics catalogue. Also a selection of Clothing from the wardrobe at reasonable prices. A wardrobe of clothes in various sizes is available to try on, but do bring along that special dress or your favourite outfit and have your photograph taken. Come for one hour or longer. Please note that it takes nearly an hour to do a full makeover. Most clients come for 3-4 hours. Photography. Don't forget to bring along a camera to record the results, oh and plenty of film and batteries for those digital cameras. Costs: 25 per hour inclusive (Tea or Coffee provided) Please note for hygiene reasons I do not supply ladies briefs, but encourage all my clients to bring their own. For those new to the scene or apprehensive about going out in public, I also offer escorted trips out to the Fox and Hounds Public House in Little Bromley. A small charge is made for accompanied evenings out. Other venues by arrangement. For more information contact Alice (TV) on: Tel: 01206 544149 (evenings are best) E-Mail: alice555uk@yahoo.com
http://start.at/alexandra/ Interesting site about Alexandra, graphically rich site, but annoying plugins..
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Foxy Friends UK is a local support group and mailing list for the t*girls, and their friends, who meet at The Fox and Hounds, Little Bromley, Essex, usually on Wednesday evenings.


It makes me laugh.
"Matt Olson is a programmer/rivethead currently living in Edmonton, Alberta (to you Americans out there: buy an atlas and look it up; if you aren't an American and you don't know where Edmonton is, hang your head in shame, because you have no excuse). He has a caustic wit, unconventional and often obscure tastes in music and literature, a taciturn disposition, perhaps too strong an affinity for caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, an immense vocabulary, a streak of arrogance a mile wide, a twisted and often tasteless sense of humour."